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About Us

Who said making dentures was simply about making new teeth?

At the Denture Clinic, we understand that getting dentures for the first time can be a stressful experience. You may have lost teeth due to an accident, illness or decay; or be worried about your appearance or the cost. We’re here to help!

The Denture Clinic team includes many friendly faces all committed to making your denture journey a positive experience. We are all passionate about dentures and the benefits they bring to your health. Our highly skilled dental prosthetists are trained in all the latest techniques however it is our customer service that set us apart from other denture clinics. It’s our goal to ensure you always feel supported – from a friendly face in the clinic or a reassuring voice over the phone – as you get the most out of your quality-created dentures. 

Our Values

Restoring smiles and confidence around Canberra and surrounds since 2005.

Throughout our clinics located in Tuggeranong, and Phillip on the south side, and Dickson and Belconnen on the north side . We have helped thousands of Canberra residents with their smiles. While The Denture Clinic has grown over the years. Our aim has always been the same. To provide patients with a service focused solely on improving your smile and making you feel normal again. By using our dentures you restore your ability to eat, speak and socialise without embarrassment. We recognise and thank the founding owners Geoff Farraway (The Denture Clinic 2005 – 2016), and Paul Weber and Garry McDonald ( who started Central Dental in 1985) for their exceptional skills and commitment to patient care.

Led by our Head Dental Prosthetist and clinic owner Mark Banks, our team never stops learning. We pride ourselves on making all your dentures , where we can guarantee all work is completed using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials. Just like our founding partners, we are committed to developing the next generation of dental technicians by passing on our knowledge and passion for dentistry through apprenticeships and training. 

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Meet the team

Matthew Dental Technician Canberra - The Denture Clinic


Dental Technician (Senior In-house Technician)Learn more
Luke Dental Technician Canberra - The Denture Clinic


Dental Technician (Senior In-house Technician)Learn more
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Build your own denture

The Denture Clinic
Denture Journey

Hi! Are you missing one or several teeth? Then dentures may be the right solution for you. Let‘s find out!

First of all, let us know your name.

Step 1

Hi undefined, that's a nice name!

To get us started are you missing teeth in the lower jaw, the upper jaw or both?

Step 2



Step 3

undefined, understood

Would you consider surgery, undefined?

Step 4

Gotcha. What is your budget?

Step 5a

If you don't want to have surgery

You can get a partial denture for undefined. There are acrylic partial dentures and chromium partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Dentures
  • More affordable than chromium dentures
  • Cover a bigger surface in the mouth
  • Not as comfortable as chromium dentures

Estimated Cost:

Chromium Partial Dentures
  • Offer more comfort
  • Cover a smaller surface in the mouth
  • Long lasting and easy to repair

Estimated Cost:

Full Upper Denture

Estimated Cost:

Full Lower Denture

Estimated Cost:


Step 5b

Alright. So, if you are missing undefined and can afford it, a dental implant may be a great solution for you.

If you don't want to have surgery

The price for dental implants can range between

At The Denture Clinic, we don't offer dental implants.
But we have some information about them in our learning hub.

undefined's Denture Plan

Excellent undefined! We came up with this solution for you!

Problem: undefined
Solution: undefined
Estimated cost: undefined
Estimated time: undefined

Start your smile makeover today with The Denture Clinic. Your journey to a happier healthier smile starts with high quality affordable dentures from The Denture Clinic.

7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures

7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures.