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Why are denture relines so important?

When you first have your dentures fitted, they will be moulded to the exact shape of your mouth. Ensuring they are safe and comfortable to wear. 

Over time, the shape of your gums underneath the denture can change, which means that the once-perfect fit will need to be adjusted. Every two to four years you will need to revisit the clinic for a denture reline. During this process, the surface of the denture where it meets your gums will be resurfaced. It has multiple benefits and can greatly extend the life of your full dentures.

Some people like to compare a denture reline to the process of re-soling a shoe. (Sorry to compare your denture with shoes – but stay with us!) Instead of the time and cost of investing in a new pair of shoes, just the sole is replaced to ensure you get longer wear and comfort from the most hard-working part. The same theory is in practice with denture relines – except the complications of not doing it are far more serious and costly to your health.

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Reasons you need to have regular denture relines

  • Keep your denture as comfortable as possible to wear
  • Increase comfort of new dentures or in patients with sore or sensitive gums
  • Protect the soft surface tissue of your mouth
  • Prevent infections in your gums
  • Maintain the best position of the denture in the mouth
  • Keep abreast of any changes in your jaw and gums for your oral health
  • Prolong the life of your denture and save on future replacement costs

What is the difference between hard and soft denture relines?

The aim of denture relines is to ensure that your dentures retain as much contact as possible with the mouth. This is the biggest single factor in ensuring a denture’s comfort.

Depending on your mouth and the dentures themselves, we will recommend one of two types of denture relines. A hard denture reline – used to resurface and readjust existing dentures or a soft denture reline – used to increase comfort wearing new dentures or for those with sensitive or sore gums.

All types of denture relines require a visit to the clinic where we can take new moulds and make the adjustments needed to improve the shape of the denture to fit your mouth.

Hard denture relines - What to expect

  • When you visit our clinic we will remove a thin layer from your full dentures, replacing it with a pliable material.
  • We then fit the denture back in your mouth, the soft material moulds to the shape of your gums.
  • Then we remove the denture from your mouth and any changes since your dentures were made are now visible in the mould.
  • Once we are sure that the new shape is perfect for you, we’ll change the acrylic of the denture to match the pliable material so that it fits you as comfortably as possible.
  • You’ll need to return to the clinic to receive your new relined denture which has been updated to reflect any movement, gaps or changes to your mouth. 
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Build your own denture

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Denture Journey

Hi! Are you missing one or several teeth? Then dentures may be the right solution for you. Let‘s find out!

First of all, let us know your name.

Step 1

Hi undefined, that's a nice name!

To get us started are you missing teeth in the lower jaw, the upper jaw or both?

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Step 3

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Would you consider surgery, undefined?

Step 4

Gotcha. What is your budget?

Step 5a

If you don't want to have surgery

You can get a partial denture for undefined. There are acrylic partial dentures and chromium partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Dentures
  • More affordable than chromium dentures
  • Cover a bigger surface in the mouth
  • Not as comfortable as chromium dentures

Estimated Cost:

Chromium Partial Dentures
  • Offer more comfort
  • Cover a smaller surface in the mouth
  • Long lasting and easy to repair

Estimated Cost:

Full Upper Denture

Estimated Cost:

Full Lower Denture

Estimated Cost:


Step 5b

Alright. So, if you are missing undefined and can afford it, a dental implant may be a great solution for you.

If you don't want to have surgery

The price for dental implants can range between

At The Denture Clinic, we don't offer dental implants.
But we have some information about them in our learning hub.

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7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures.