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Affordable denture services for Canberra and surrounds with The Denture Clinic’s caring team

Partial Chromium Dentures

Partial Chromium Dentures Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Feel comfortable and confident with your smile with custom fitted partial chromium dentures from the Denture Clinic. A light and durable option for partial denture wearers.

Partial Acrylic Dentures

Partial Acrylic Dentures Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Partial acrylic dentures from the Denture Clinic are an affordable and effective solution to replace missing teeth. Partial acrylic dentures can be made quickly using latest techniques.

Full Dentures

Full Dentures Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Eat, smile and socialise with confidence and enjoy the best possible oral health with full dentures from the Denture Clinic. Upper and lower dentures custom made for you.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Need a temporary immediate denture? Immediate dentures can boost your confidence while your mouth heals following an accident or new dentures are made.

Denture Relines

Denture Relines Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Keep your dentures fitting accurately and performing correctly year after year. Denture relines every 2-4 years are essential to ensure your denture remains comfortable and stable in your mouth.

Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs Canberra - The Denture Clinic

Accidents happen. If you notice any cracks or breaks please get in touch. Any delay in having your denture repaired can affect your remaining teeth and gums, leading to sore spots and discomfort.

Custom fitted mouth guards

Custom fitted mouth guards Canberra - The Denture Clinic

We make custom fitted mouth guards to protect your teeth while playing sport regardless of whether you play a ‘contact’ sport. Make mouth guards fun for kids – suitable for all ages.

Nursing home visits
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Nursing Home visits Canberra - The Denture Clinic

When you can’t come to us, the Denture Clinic will come to you. Ask us about our denture home visits service for hospitals, aged care and private home visits and get the best denture care possible.




How do I know what type of denture services I need?

If you have lost natural teeth due to accident, illness or gum disease, we can help you work out which type of denture would best suit your needs. Denture techniques and manufacture have come a long way. With our advanced techniques we create dentures that look natural and are comfortable to wear.

Find out what denture services you need with our build your own denture tool. Learn about different denture types to see what you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, partial chromium dentures are highly durable due to the use of a special alloy known as chromium cobalt, one of the most corrosion-resistant metals available. This alloy means they’re resilient to wear and tear, making them a great choice for long-term use.

The life expectancy of your partial chromium denture depends on the type you choose, how well it’s maintained and the health of your oral tissues. On average, they can last anywhere between five and ten years with proper care.

A partial acrylic denture is an artificial dental appliance that utilises acrylic and metal components to replace missing teeth and provide support for the surrounding tissues. They attach to existing teeth with metal clasps and their acrylic plates act as a false tooth or bridge.

Yes, due to the use of soft, flexible material, such as acrylic resin, partial acrylic dentures can provide a more natural feel and better comfort compared to other types of dentures.

The life expectancy of your partial acrylic denture depends on how well it’s maintained and the health of your oral tissues. On average, they can last anywhere between 5-10 years with proper care.

A full denture is an artificial dental appliance that can replace all the teeth in a dental arch (either the upper or lower jaw). It consists of acrylic plates and gum-coloured clasps that fit comfortably against your gums for a natural look.

Yes, full dentures are generally more affordable than other types due to their simplified design and construction.

The life expectancy of your full denture depends on how well it’s maintained and the health of your oral tissues. On average, they can last anywhere between 5-10 years with proper care.

An immediate denture can be fitted to a patient’s mouth right after the existing teeth have been removed. This denture offers convenience and comfort by allowing the patient to avoid being without teeth during the healing process while still providing cosmetic restoration. Once the patient has healed, it is recommended they change to partial or full dentures.

You should consult with your dental prosthetist if you notice any of the following signs that may suggest your dentures need to be relined:

  • Your denture no longer fits properly in your mouth
  • You experience sore spots while wearing them
  • Your dentures are slipping or becoming loose when eating and talking
  • Your jawbone has changed shape due to age or disease

The process of performing a denture reline can usually be done in 1-2 appointments with your dental prosthetist over the course of several weeks.

Whether you need new dentures or if your existing dentures can be repaired, depends on the extent of damage to them. Minor repairs, such as fixing a cracked or broken tooth or replacing a lost tooth, can usually be done quickly in your denture prosthetist’s office. However, more extensive repair work may require the denture to be sent out to a laboratory for special attention. Your dental prosthetist can advise you on what is best for you.

For denture services for Canberra and surrounds, call or make an appointment online with The Denture Clinic.
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Build your own denture

The Denture Clinic
Denture Journey

Hi! Are you missing one or several teeth? Then dentures may be the right solution for you. Let‘s find out!

First of all, let us know your name.

Step 1

Hi undefined, that's a nice name!

To get us started are you missing teeth in the lower jaw, the upper jaw or both?

Step 2



Step 3

undefined, understood

Would you consider surgery, undefined?

Step 4

Gotcha. What is your budget?

Step 5a

If you don't want to have surgery

You can get a partial denture for undefined. There are acrylic partial dentures and chromium partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Dentures
  • More affordable than chromium dentures
  • Cover a bigger surface in the mouth
  • Not as comfortable as chromium dentures

Estimated Cost:

Chromium Partial Dentures
  • Offer more comfort
  • Cover a smaller surface in the mouth
  • Long lasting and easy to repair

Estimated Cost:

Full Upper Denture

Estimated Cost:

Full Lower Denture

Estimated Cost:


Step 5b

Alright. So, if you are missing undefined and can afford it, a dental implant may be a great solution for you.

If you don't want to have surgery

The price for dental implants can range between

At The Denture Clinic, we don't offer dental implants.
But we have some information about them in our learning hub.

undefined's Denture Plan

Excellent undefined! We came up with this solution for you!

Problem: undefined
Solution: undefined
Estimated cost: undefined
Estimated time: undefined

Start your smile makeover today with The Denture Clinic. Your journey to a happier healthier smile starts with high quality affordable dentures from The Denture Clinic.

7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures

7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures.