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What are partial acrylic dentures?

Partial acrylic dentures are often used as a temporary or emergency measure when dentures are needed quickly.

This is because they are often quicker and easier to make than partial chromium dentures. Which take longer to manufacture and cost more due to their different material and construction methods. 

Partial acrylic dentures use acrylic (a type of plastic material) as the framework for the denture, with spring wire clasps to hold the denture together. 

It’s important to consider whether you are likely to need to add to your denture in the future. While additional teeth can be added to most denture frameworks as teeth decay over time, partial acrylic dentures is the most straightforward material to add further teeth to due to the characteristics of the acrylic framework.

Affordable Acrylic Partial Dentures Canberra

Benefits of partial acrylic dentures

  • Most effective solution when temporary or emergency dentures are needed
  • Quicker and easier to manufacture than chromium (metal) dentures
  • More affordable than other types of dentures
  • Good solution where cost is a concern
  • Teeth can be added to the denture in the future as needs change
  • Advanced techniques offer natural-looking solutions

What do partial acrylic dentures cost?

Partial acrylic dentures are more affordable than chromium dentures because they are quicker to make and use a less expensive material. 

As a result, partial acrylic dentures can be a great temporary measure or a short-term solution if cost is a concern. The cost will depend on the type of denture and how many teeth are being replaced. Check out our prices page our come and visit us and we will discuss all the options to help you choose the right solution. 

Other considerations about partial acrylic dentures

Partial acrylic dentures tend to be bulkier and less comfortable that partial chromium dentures. The acrylic material needs to be thicker to ensure that the dentures do not break or fracture with normal wear. 

Also, while chromium partial dentures contain metal clasps that attach to the teeth, partial acrylic dentures use the gums for support. This means that they can place more pressure on soft parts of the mouth to stay in one place and not rotate or move. 

When you bite down, the pressure does not go onto your teeth, which are designed to handle that impact, it goes to your soft gums. This is the reason that partial acrylic dentures may not be recommended for you as a long-term solution, as we want to ensure that your mouth stays healthy and pain-free!


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You can get a partial denture for undefined. There are acrylic partial dentures and chromium partial dentures.

Acrylic Partial Dentures
  • More affordable than chromium dentures
  • Cover a bigger surface in the mouth
  • Not as comfortable as chromium dentures

Estimated Cost:

Chromium Partial Dentures
  • Offer more comfort
  • Cover a smaller surface in the mouth
  • Long lasting and easy to repair

Estimated Cost:

Full Upper Denture

Estimated Cost:

Full Lower Denture

Estimated Cost:


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Alright. So, if you are missing undefined and can afford it, a dental implant may be a great solution for you.

If you don't want to have surgery

The price for dental implants can range between

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7 questions everyone asks before getting dentures.