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19 October, 2021

Understanding How To Care For Your Denture

Understanding How To Care For Your Denture

Is it really that important to Keep Your Denture Clean?

Cleaning Dentures….So you have just spent your hard earned money on a new denture. But what now? How important is it to actually follow certain procedures and steps? Well…. Over my 18 years experience i have seen just about everything , every trick and tip in the book on how to clean dentures. And yes, some methods actually destroy dentures as opposed to looking after them . After all, you have just spent time effort and money to get your new dentures, so it will only be beneficial to learn best ways to look after them so you can continue using the for many years to come.


How Durable are they, and can cleaning dentures incorrectly, affect that?

Well, the average denture can last anywhere between 5-50 years! There are many factors that come into play here when cleaning dentures. On average, replacing your dentures every 5-7 years seems to be best practice although there is no hard and fast rule here. Its a case by case issue , although cleaning dentures can definitely impact that .


Can i Really Shorten Their Life Span By Not Maintaining Them?

Absolutely. Maintaining your dentures will give you more years of service. From the way you clean, to the products you clean with. If you enjoy things such as , coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, cigarettes, then you may find staining can occur after X amount of time. Here we recommend an additional step to brushing, which involves soaking in Polident denture tablets. https://www.polident.com/en-au/products/denture-cleansers/polident-3-minute-anti-bacterial-denture-cleanser/.


What type of Dentures does this apply to?

Every type of appliance we produce from our Laboratory will all have to be maintained very well. A list of our services can be found here https://www.thedenturecliniccanberra.com.au/services/


WATCH BELOW to find out what you SHOULD NOT do to your denture.


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Acrylic Partial Dentures
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